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Synergy Workforce Group provides Clerical and Administrative Staffing at all levels. Synergy provides temporary staffing, direct placement and professional management services. Our suite of services can be tailored to meet our business client needs with the skills and talents of qualified individuals from our workforce resource pool.

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    Human Resource Stats

    Retention Is a Serious Issue

    Retaining qualified employees is a pervasive problem that plagues many organizations. We find and place candidates who are good fits with each organization for their long-term and short-term requirements. Because we maintain a highly-qualified pool of workers, we can reduce unexpected turnover and recruitment costs.

    New Hire Failure Rate

    A surprising percentage of new hires are let go of their jobs within 18 months of being hired. Only 11% of these new hires are released for lack of relevant skills, while 89% are for reasons of poor attitude, such as motivation and lack of coachability. We alleviate new hire failure rates by placing individuals with relevant skills, excellent work ethic and a desire to learn and contribute.

    On-boarding Improves Retention

    New hires who undergo a structured on-boarding program are more likely to stay with an organization more than three years, increasing their productivity and contribution year over year. We begin the on-boarding process by setting expectations with our newly placed candidates and establishing a foundation for ongoing success for all parties.

    Most Companies Use HR Agencies

    Whether seeking direct hires, trial hires or temporary talent, the majority of US companies are partnering with reputable staffing agencies to save time, save money, increase productivity, increase flexibility, and reduce the risks of hiring. Synergy Workforce is a proven resource for providing the full range of human resource talent, from key employees to just-in-time skilled personnel.

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    New approach to recruiting

    Your business is special and unique, whether it is a services or manufacturing company, or a tourism, health care, construction, retail,  restaurant, or non-profit organization. Synergy Workforce appreciates the individuality of each business, government agency or non-profit client and designs custom human resource solutions to meet their needs.

    With personal attention and commitment to client satisfaction, we save you time, money, resources, and unexpected risk by leveraging our talent management expertise, pool of skilled individuals and suite of services. Synergy Workforce is not geared to just finding more candidates, it is focused on identifying the best individuals to fit your business needs. We engage prospective candidates through high-touch strategies such as employee referrals and relationship building. We also engage prospective candidates through technology-driven strategies such as maintaining dynamic and compelling websites and landing pages, optimizing for search engines, frequenting social media channels, and emailing targeted talent. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, or independent contractor positions, we make it faster, easier and more economical to identify the most compatible pool of candidates to fill your job requirements. Contact us today.

    About Us

    Managed Services

    Synergy Workforce Managed Services Consultants provide expertise in implementation, placement, total quality, and supplier management to any client's human capital program. Our MSPs are steeped in Six Sigma and PMI methodologies and have a minimum of six years' experience. Synergy Workforce MSPs' offerings are designed to remain robust through every stage of program maturation, yielding sustained value year after year.

    Talent Consulting

    Synergy Workforce Group talent consulting and contingent workforce services provide skilled, experienced employees with complete workforce flexibility, allowing businesses to respond to market fluctuations without the financial constraints of a full-time workforce. We apply our proven recruiting techniques across a range of diverse industries, offering scalable, efficient staffing solutions.

    Professional Search

    Synergy Workforce Group Search connects companies with industry-leading specialists. Our proven search process cultivates a superior network of active and passive professionals, enabling us to provide best-fit experts in a broad range of business disciplines.

    High Performing Workforce

    Screen twice as many more candidates, land more top performers, reduce poor performer hiring, and drive turnover down with Synergy Workforce's proven interviewing processes. We are constantly searching for talent that will contribute top-notch productivity, complemented with inter-personal skills. Our goal is to continuously add value and become your first choice for recruiting.

    Bonafide People, Not Resumes

    Meeting people face-to-face to assess the congruency between the person in the flesh and the person on paper is a critical part of our candidate evaluation process. We analyze skill level, gain insight into personalities and cultural fit, and are able to evaluate an individual's ability to perform in a work environment. We have meet with literally thousands of job applicants and have developed expertise in separating the wheat from the chaff.

    No Guesswork

    Take the guesswork out of hiring. In addition to resume verification, we interview, conduct reference checks and character due diligence to make sure that we can confidently refer qualified candidates for your consideration.

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